Things to Look For In a Tour Guide

A tour guide company such as is comprised of tour guides who are employed to help visitor move around without difficulties. Usually, the tour guides are the backbone of the whole operation. Choosing an individual tour guide is not an easy task as most of us think. You need the right facts to make a good decision. Tour guides are different and possess varied characteristics about their nature of jobs. Most travelers rank individual tour guides depending on their experience with them during the tour. Here are key things to look for when choosing a tour guide from a tour company.


world mapLevel of Education

Knowledge is power, and a knowledgeable tour guide can respond to your questions regarding the history, politics, and socio-culture of the area you are touring. The level of education is, therefore, crucial when it comes to considering an ideal tour guide to choose. They must know the local customs, the way of life, economy, and politics of the area.



A good tour guide must have great communication skills. If the tour does not communicate properly, you may not enjoy the tour since your queries will be left unanswered. Choose a tour guide who is eloquent and articulate. Such a tour guide will be easy to understand what they are talking about. If you are visiting where people speak vernacular, ensure you choose an individual who can communicate in English properly.


Memory and Storytelling

Another attribute of a good tour guide is the ability to tell stories and events that have happened in the past. Therefore, ensure that you choose a tour guide that has a sharp memory and good at storytelling. You need an interesting tour guide who will turn every question to a story by relating it to other events that have taken places in that particular place.



Nobody wants to stay all day long with a boring tour guide. You have to choose a lively tour guide who will have a sense of humor when telling stories and responding to your questions. The day is long and having a boring tour guide will spoil your good time. A tour guide with a great sense of humor will surely inject some additional jokes on the script to make your tour a great one.



A good tour guide must be outgoing and easy to blend in with new faces. Some tour guides take3 time before they bond with their clients and this can make the first few hours boring, and the clients will develop a bad attitude against them. Therefore, ensure that you choose to work with an outgoing tour guide.


japan cultureFlexible

A good tour guide should be flexible. They should not be restricted to the script alone. Ensure that you choose to work with a tour guide who is flexible and gullible in various instances. They must have the ability to change their script according to the nature of the tour. Choosing a tour guide who is flexible will earn you a great tour.…

long range scope

Finding the Best Budget Spotting Scope

Do you know that you can get a spotting scope for a few bucks? If you are in a rush and want something today, you can check the best budget spotting scope for the money review. You can find some spotters that will get the job done without breaking your bank.

The truth is that not all people need the long-range, optical precision marksman that goes for $2000. Sometimes, you can get something that costs less than $100, and it will get the job done. However, if you are a serious hunter, then you must be interested to know the specifications of your spotter.

binocularsProbably you are wondering how you can tell whether you are getting the best deal by purchasing a spotting scope for a few dollars. It is vital that you know what you are looking for. Usually, you want to buy quality things. Ideally, some spotters will not provide the quality you need past certain yards. The following are things to consider when looking for budget spotting scopes.

Size and Weight

You need to be quite specific in this case. Avoid carrying heavy weight if you are trekking or planning to use hand-held spotting scopes. Instead, you should go compact. If you are stationary at most times, you can afford to go heavy.


Remember that you need a spotter that can stand the test of time. Thus, you should look for certain features that ensure your spotting scope will last long. For instance, you can look for waterproofness, fog-proof features, and rubber armored bodies.

Objective Lens

You need to take into account the size of the objective lens. Usually, the larger lens will produce a brighter image. This will make the scope more useful in the low light conditions. You should note those large lenses are always better.

Lens Coatings

spotting scopeThere are different types of lens coatings used on spotting scopes. The good thing about coating is that it increases light gathering and prevents glare. This explains why high-end scopes allow you to see better in low light than with your naked eye. The common types of coatings are fully-coated, fully multi-coated, multi-coated, and coated. These types of coatings affect quality and price. The few budget scopes are fully multi-coated.

Also, you should check other features such as eye relief, weather protection, and magnification. In this way, you can find the best budget spotting scope.…


Safety Checklist When Hiring A Motorcycle

It is important to be careful on numerous things when hiring a motorcycle. Other than reading the contract carefully ask whether you will fill the tank with gas. Other important things to look into include the insurance cover, price, and the reviews left by the previous clients. Riding a motorcycle is not only fun but fast as well. Just like any other automobile, it is critical to have a safety checklist when leasing or to hire a motorbike. Talk to hanoi motorbike travel for all your motorcycle needs. Let us look into some of this thing;

Safety checklist



Before signing a contract ensure that you take the bike for a road test to check whether the brakes are functioning. Ensure that both the rear and the from brakes are functioning correctly. If any of the brakes or both are not functioning, let the service provider fix it for you. Doing a road test will also help you in determining the inconsistency in the brake. The brakes are crucial and have to be working at all times.

Riding straight

When you take the motorcycle for a road test, ensure that the bike riding is straight. One way of telling whether a motorbike was involved in a road accident before is bent frame or forks. When you try to ride such an automobile, it will go towards one side.

Horns and light

The horns and light should be fully operational when hiring a motorcycle. Since you are likely not the only road users, you need the horns to alert the other motorists of your presence. It is also important since it will help you caution the pedestrians who are crossing the road. The lights are necessary for the night vision. You need to see where you are going especially at night. Light can also be used when the vision is not clear like when it is foggy.


The tires of the motorcycle are also important. They should have ample thread and good pressure. They should also be well-balanced. You can check the pressure of the tires by sitting on the bike and see whether they appear full. The threads of the tires are important since you need to create a good frictional force with the road to prevent the motorcycle from skidding.



Last but not least, check the shocks of the motorbike you are leasing. You can check this by grabbing the front brake and pushing forward and down using the handlebars. If you experience the bike dipping down quickly, then there is a likelihood that the shocks need replacement. Do not hire a motorcycle that does not have good shock absorbers.…