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Tips for Choosing a Road Bike

Road biking is a great way of improving your fitness levels, meeting up new people, and enjoying nature at a slow pace. These types of bikes are known to offer agility, efficiency, and speed. Before you start your search online or other prominent bike shops, you should answer these questions:

  • What is the best style of bike for me?a man enjoying road biking
  • How much can I spend on a bike?
  • What bikes do my friends ride or recommend?

An expert can provide you with details on frame geometry, frame materials, and components. This post should serve as your starting point to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Road Bike?

This is a quick summary of a road bike and what differentiates it from touring, mountain, commuting, and hybrid bikes.


  1. Designed for event riders, fitness enthusiasts, and competitive riders
  2. Should be used on paved surfaces (bike paths, roads); avoid using on unpaved or rough surfaces.
  3. Riders can go further and faster with these bikes as compared to other types.
  4. Perfect for vehicle-supported touring


  1. Lightweight wheels, components, and frame
  2. Curled handlebar
  3. Narrow tires and wheels
  4. No rear or front suspension
  5. Different styles and sizes available for both men and women

Frame Geometry

road bikeRoad bikes look similar to each other. However, there are few but important differences in how the frame is designed. For instance, you can find road bikes that feature a recreational or sport geometry. Such bikes are the best if you are planning a long ride. Moreover, they are ideal for an organized event a few times per year. In fact, the riding position is quite upright and its steering more relaxed as compared to that of a performance bike.

Frame Materials

In this case, you have two main choices: carbon fiber and aluminum. Aluminum frames are good at offering a smooth ride and are less expensive as compared to carbon fiber. Some aluminum-frame bikes have carbon fiber front fork so that it absorbs road vibration and provides an improved ride quality.

Ideally, a carbon-fiber offers a comfortable comfort because of the excellent vibration absorption features. However, they are available at a higher price than their aluminum counterparts. If you want the lightest bike, it should have a carbon-fiber frame.


Wheels affect the overall weight of the bike, aerodynamics, and how the bike accelerates. Unfortunately, you may not the choice of wheels you want when buying a bike unless you order a custom bike. Fitness and recreational riders may not have concerns with wheel choice. If you are a competitive cyclist, then your choice of wheels matters.…