Safety Checklist When Hiring A Motorcycle

It is important to be careful on numerous things when hiring a motorcycle. Other than reading the contract carefully ask whether you will fill the tank with gas. Other important things to look into include the insurance cover, price, and the reviews left by the previous clients. Riding a motorcycle is not only fun but fast as well. Just like any other automobile, it is critical to have a safety checklist when leasing or to hire a motorbike. Talk to hanoi motorbike travel for all your motorcycle needs. Let us look into some of this thing;

Safety checklist



Before signing a contract ensure that you take the bike for a road test to check whether the brakes are functioning. Ensure that both the rear and the from brakes are functioning correctly. If any of the brakes or both are not functioning, let the service provider fix it for you. Doing a road test will also help you in determining the inconsistency in the brake. The brakes are crucial and have to be working at all times.

Riding straight

When you take the motorcycle for a road test, ensure that the bike riding is straight. One way of telling whether a motorbike was involved in a road accident before is bent frame or forks. When you try to ride such an automobile, it will go towards one side.

Horns and light

The horns and light should be fully operational when hiring a motorcycle. Since you are likely not the only road users, you need the horns to alert the other motorists of your presence. It is also important since it will help you caution the pedestrians who are crossing the road. The lights are necessary for the night vision. You need to see where you are going especially at night. Light can also be used when the vision is not clear like when it is foggy.


The tires of the motorcycle are also important. They should have ample thread and good pressure. They should also be well-balanced. You can check the pressure of the tires by sitting on the bike and see whether they appear full. The threads of the tires are important since you need to create a good frictional force with the road to prevent the motorcycle from skidding.



Last but not least, check the shocks of the motorbike you are leasing. You can check this by grabbing the front brake and pushing forward and down using the handlebars. If you experience the bike dipping down quickly, then there is a likelihood that the shocks need replacement. Do not hire a motorcycle that does not have good shock absorbers.…